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    Your forum & profile currently has a number of different ranks and badges that can be earned by any member of the website. We understand these awards are not much, and they are kind of “cheesy” if you will, but we really wanted a fun way to be able to award members for their contributions to the project. We also wanted a way to make members aware of one’s expertise, status, location, etc, without having to look directly into a users profile. This system allows us to do all of these things, and we will be adding many new features as time goes on, so their will always be something new. Remember, these badges and ranks are for fun, so have fun with it!

    The following is a running list of “Ranks” and “Badges” that can be automatically earned by way of gaining “points” by utilizing different features on the website, or by being manually awarded with a status by an Administrator via PM:


    (We have kept the points required secret!)


    “F.O.B” (Fresh off the boat)




    “Active Member”


    “Active Participant”


    “Active Contributor”


    “Trusted Enthusiast”







    (Many more to come!)

    “Donor” – Earned by donating to a charity listed (PM), or to our website (Auto).

    “Affiliate Excellence” -Referring a member who signs up (Auto).

    “Developer” -You have been involved with the development of SalamatPhilippines.com (Auto).

    “Balikbayan” -You are married to a Filipino, or are a former Filipino, take from your profile or by (PM).

    “Dual Citizen” -You have retained your Philippine citizenship after being naturalized in a foreign country upon filing and taking an oath under Act 9225, taken from your profile or by (PM).

    “Grassroots” -You have recorded your charitable giving work and have included the hashtag #SalamatPhilippines in your post (PM).

    “Expat” – You are either 1): A Filipino citizen or a former citizen who is living outside the Philippines. 2): A foreigner who is living in the Philippines. To qualify for the expat experience badge, members should have been living away from their origin for GREATER than 1 year without returning home. Taken from your profile or by (PM).

    God Bless

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