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    Before reporting a bug please consider looking at this running list of known problems, thank you. We will be updating this list as issues are repaired, most of these errors are in the process of being addressed and are simply awaiting replies from plugin or theme creators.

    1.) Login Invisible Re-captcha doesn’t always connect to google servers the first time the page is loaded, a page refresh is sometimes required to get the re-captcha to load.

    -Update: this issue seems to have been fixed for some users last update, keep us updated if you have issues with it.

    2.) The website needs to be faster. We are actively seeking to replace many of the plugins that we have with css codes that perform the same functions,  this is to help increase the speed of the website. We are also trying to shorten and optimize code, there is so much going on with Salamat Philippines that the code is a mess, so this is an ongoing process.

    -Update: Our new re-design of Salamat Philippines should be much faster then before, but we are still working on it!

    3.) When images are put into forum content, for some reason they are also automatically added as attachments. Users will have to remove each attachment one by one before clicking submit. This seems to be a bug with the attachment plugin.

    -Update: The plugin author says this error is impossible, I’ve sent videos, waiting for a response.

    4.) Site Logo is not centered even with the “Menu” while docked or in mobile mode.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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