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Salamat Philippines is a new fundraising vehicle driven by patriotic Filipinos and passionate travelers.

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Salamat Philippines Features

  • Salamat Philippines is not only a fundraising vehicle, but also an educational resource. In an effort to familiarize our users with Philippine geography, we created our “Explore by Map” feature.
  • This is NOT your typical Philippines tourism website. Pulling inspiration from Jose Rizal, and more recently President Duterte, we’ve set out on a mission to shine a unique light on the Philippines and it’s people. We wanted to provide you with something different, something true, and well intended that the country could be proud of. For a fan site that meant keeping our content clean, unique, and as non-bias as possible. Our Philippines Travel Blog attempts to both provide great value, while at the same time dispelling many of the myths and falsehoods about the Philippines and it’s people that have unintentionally harmed the country in a variety of ways. 
  • The Philippines Travel Guestbook affords people from all around the world the opportunity to say “salamat” or thank you to the Philippines. Many tourists express the wish to say thank you for the exceptional hospitality they experienced here, but  do not always have an outlet to do so. We’ve created an easy way to accomplish this with our official Philippines guestbook.
  • Users will also be able to create a listing, and write a review for any place they’ve visited that they feel is deserving. Many locations in the Philippines simply cannot afford to become listed in the big-box local directories. Since our Philippines local directories are free, everyone stands a equal chance of become discovered!

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