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What makes us different?

The Philippines Fan Page

We are not only a fan site, but also an educational resources, and a fundraising vehicle, driven by our passionate members. Weather your a patriotic Filipino, charitable organization, activist, seasoned vacationer, or new to the Philippines entirely, this website was built for you.

We encourage you to take a look at our official Philippines guestbook, and if you feel so inclined, please go ahead and leave an entry of your own!

“I am truly thankful toward the Philippines for she has been the very source of my most sincere contentment.”


Our Mission

This is not your typical Philippines tourism website!

Pulling a lot of our inspiration from Jose Rizal, and more recently President Duterte; we’ve set out on a mission to shine a unique light on the Philippines and it’s people. We wanted to provide you with something different, something true, and well intended that the country could be proud of. For a local directory site, that meant keeping our content clean, unique, and as non-bias as possible. No matter how small your business, nor how small your vacation budget, we want to connect you to with the right people.  

Additionally, though our blog, we wanted to dispel many of the myths and falsehoods about the Philippines and it’s people. Many of these falsehoods have unintentionally harmed the country in many different ways, as there has been a long silent exploitation of the Philippines and it’s people. We believe it’s time for a new light to shine upon the Philippines. That is why we made it our humble mission to help the Philippines and it’s amazing people by making connections with those who truly love the country for the right reasons, and without leaving behind the little guy.

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