“I am truly thankful toward the Philippines for she has been the very source of my most sincere contentment.”

-Derek C.

About Us

Inspired by years of extraordinary hospitality, the Salamat Philippines fan page was a dream in development for many years. Officially founded in 2015, and released as a gift to the Philippines in 2018, Salamat Philippines became the Philippines fan page for all. We are not only a fan site, but also an educational resources, and a fundraising vehicle, driven by our passionate members. Weather your a patriotic Filipino, charitable organization, activist, seasoned vacationer, or new to the Philippines entirely, this website was built for you.

We offer a number of features for Philippines fans to utilize. The shining star of the Salamat Philippines fan page being the official Philippines Guest Book! People from all around the world are given the opportunity to make their experiences in the Philippines heard by signing the Guest Book. Many tourists wish to say thank you to the Philippines, but do not have an outlet to do so, we provide that outlet, and a means to give back. Additionally, in an effort to familiarize our members with Philippine geography, our interactive map of the Philippines islands makes it easy to explore it’s administrative regions. Each region on our map is outlined in it’s own separate page, just click on the region your interested in, and the site will load a detailed page about that entire area. Each regions page is complete with links to it’s respective forum, and guest book. Our goal is to have our Philippine forums become a free and easy to use resource for the entire world to utilize. No matter what the topic, we hope that you will utilize our forums for whatever your needs are. We want you to learn, and we want you to teach us.

Our Mission

This is not your typical Philippines tourism website! Pulling a lot of our inspiration from Jose Rizal, and more recently President Duterte; we’ve set out on a mission to shine a unique light on the Philippines and it’s people. We wanted to provide you with something different, something true, and well intended that the country could be proud of. For a fan site that meant keeping our content clean, unique, and as non-bias as possible.

Additionally, we wanted to dispel the many myths and falsehoods about the Philippines and it’s people. Throughout the years many of these falsehoods have unintentionally harmed the country in many different ways. The truth is that there has long been a silent exploitation of the Philippines and it’s people. We believe it’s time for a new light to shine upon the Philippines. That is why we made it our humble mission to help the Philippines and it’s amazing people by connecting those who truly love the country for the right reasons.

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Site Goals



Tools for Fundraising & Nonprofit Organizations

How can we help?


With a community built on true love of country and culture, we provide an optimistic audience base that is motivated to give back in the Philippines. Additionally, our regional fundraising forums provide a means for members to reach out and organize charitable events in particular areas. This means you can easily attract more quality specific attention to your charity or fundraiser. It’s our goal to bring attention to charities and fundraisers like yours that are both transparent, time-tested, and trustworthy. This is why we offer a free review of your charitable program for possible inclusion on our charities and fundraisers page.

How does it work?

After contacting us for further instructions, upon approval, an account will be created for your organization along with a complete listing on our page, and a review topic under the fundraising forum for the region you serve. Members will be able to contact you via personal message, or by visiting your website link. Your account will remain active with us as long as our community reviews of your organization remain positive, and/or fraud is not suspected by our admins. The purpose behind this is to fulfill one of our site goals to connect the community with trusted charities.


The Salamat Philippines Gift Shop Fundraiser exists to serve many purposes, but perhaps the most useful being, to help fund charities and fundraisers like yours. 100% of our shop proceeds are saved in a fund that disperses emergency payments in $50 increments to organizations registered with Salamat Philippines. Funds are currently limited, but we are constantly trying to come up with new ways raise money for those who are doing such wonderful work in the Philippines.

The Salamat Philippines fan page for all and our Gift Shop Fundraiser’s are our way of saying thank you. Philippines, this site is for you. Salamat!