“It affords me an indescribable satisfaction to be able to announce to you that on this the 41st anniversary of the martyrdom of the founder and greatest exponent of Philippine nationalism, I had the privilege of issuing, in pursuance of the mandate of the Constitution and of existing law, an Executive Order designating one of the native languages as the basis for the national language of the Filipino people.”

-Manuel L. Quezon

Filipino Tagalog

The word "Tagalog" is derived from the term “Taga-ilog” meaning “of the river,” referring in this case to the Pasig River of Luzon. More to come...

Should I Learn Tagalog?

The responsible and respectful thing to do when visiting any country around the world is to try your best to learn their national language. If a country doesn't have an legal "national language," then it would behoove you to attempt to learn whatever language that countries government uses to communicate on a national level. What language are the street signs in? What language appears on that governments paperwork? More to come on this soon...

To help members learn the common basics of Filipino language, we've developed a free Tagalog - English quick list for you to download and print out. We carefully selected the most commonly used words and phrases that will help you quickly learn what is going on around you. Who knows, it could even save your life! Don't forget, you can easily translate Tagalog on the fly with Google Translate.


Learn Tagalog

with these recommended Tagalog language programs:

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