“Society has learned to appreciate the uniqueness of the hardworking Filipina. They are not only dedicated to their jobs; they also strive to be good wives, good mothers and good daughters. Sadly, often times they put other people’s needs before their own.”

- Emmeline Verzosa
Executive Director at the Philippine Commission on Women

filipino women

Filipino Women

Even if you've never been to the Philippines before, it's likely that you've encountered Filipino Women (aka "Filipina.") in your daily life. You might not have known it at the time, but that well trained Asian nurse that took care of you at your last doctors appointment, or that professionally mannered hotel receptionist that impressed you on your last vacation, they could have been Filipinas.

Besides their outstanding work ethics, Filipino women are also incredibly moral in their values, and typically value family over finance. She is soft on the outside, but surprisingly strong on the inside, so don't get on her bad side. A Filipino woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water!

Modern Filipino women are "jacks of all trades." They are often both the bread winners and the homemakers.  Filipina's, you are amazing!

Filipino Women

"The Stars of the Philippines"

filipino women
filipino women
filipino women
filipino women


(Meaning "Women" in Tagalog)

Filipino women are unique and come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. There are a lot of things said about Filipino women, and while some of it is true, most of it is greatly misunderstood. Putting a label on Filipino women, is like trying to understand an encyclopedia blindfolded. In-fact, the only thing that absolutely all filipino womenFilipina have in common is that they are Filipinos, something that no one can ever take from them. Filipino's are generally a very patriotic culture, but the Filipina; she is the proudest of them all! If you ask her she'll tell you that her idol is likely either a famous Filipina singer, or whatever Filipina last won the Miss Universe contest. It's also well known across the world that Filipino People love their karaoke. The Filipina however, she brings her love of karaoke to the next level! She sings in the shower, she sings to her children, no she sings everywhere, sometimes she sings just to hear her own voice, or to drowned out the silence.

As previously mentioned, not all Filipino women are the same, and to think such a thing is not only ridiculous, but also stereotyping.  Many foreigners see Filipino women in a particular stereotype, and blindly hold onto unreasonable expectations. There are many different sub-cultures within the Philippines, and one's experience with getting to know a Filipina will be different filipino womendepending on both her families income level, and how she was raised. For example, in the traditional Filipino family, the mother and the daughters are very important parts of a functioning household. Mother and daughter often team up together to battle the laundry, and tackle meal preparations, while the Filipino Men are out either working or playing with friends in their off time. Many of these chores end up becoming social interactions between neighboring Filipino women who just love to exchange "tsismis" (or gossip) while they do laundry together. At the same time, there are more wealthy Filipino families that have "yaya's" (or maids) in which the Filipina would have likely grown up focusing more on school or helping with the family business.

filipino womenThere are a great many well-known Filipino women in business and in politics in the Philippines. This is because Filipina are known to be generally both smart, and strong; but at the same time, also loyal, and trustworthy. On top of all of this, she has that million dollar smile that no one can resist 🙂 A Filipina knows what she wants and how to get it, and she's been waiting her whole life to jump at the right opportunity to succeed. It's not just about personal gain, she wants to make her family proud, and be a leader among her siblings. It seems to be, that in the Philippines, nothing is more important then making your family happy. It should be no surprise that with the skills of the average Filipina, that she would succeed in making her family proud.

Besides being skilled professionals, and homemakers, Filipino women are also known to be skilled texters. Their laser fast fingers have been known to be able to type on a 90's phone faster then most can with modern swipe technology. Seriously though, Filipino's are always texting, it's actual become part of the culture here. Social media blogging has also become quite the new trend in the Philippines, you can't go anywhere these days without someone taking a selfie. It's gotten so bad that we've seen people walk right into glass walls on multiple occasions because they are more in-tune with their cell phones then what is going on in front of them!  She's stylish, she' s cool, and she says in school, she's the star of the Philippines! Filipino women we love you, salamat for all that you do, this toast is for you!

Dating Filipinas

With all this praise for Filipino women, it's not hard to imagine why there is so much interest in seeking Filipina companionship. Maybe this is why the some Filipino man still bend over backwards, for sometimes years, to impress the family of his Filipina girlfriend. The Filipinos have no problem with this, or anything else that an outsider might find strange, because at the end of the day it's their culture.

The "problems" in dating Filipina often rear their ugly head in interracial relationships where the foreigner is severely misinformed, or blinded by some type of fetish. It doesn't take one long to do a little research online to discover the dangerous reality in some of these other Philippines forums. Some of these foreigners will ride ridiculous expectations based off from a handful of success stories they heard over a few too many San Mig Lights, or by way of these questionable websites. This is because, although most Filipina possess similar cultural qualities, ones mileage will vary as every Filipina is different.  Just ask a Filipino man, he'll tell you!

So would we recommend dating Filipinas? Certainly...that is if you are a Filipino man 🙂 Obviously Filipino women are worth your time, but so are many other women from all over the world, including your home country. Yet, if for some reason you are dead set on the Southeast Asian look, then perhaps visit multiple countries in the region before you make a final decision. Just remember, Filipino women are not a commodity. Be respectful, salamat!