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All web content is either diverged from public knowledge, public domain, personal experience and/or opinion, the experience and/or opinion of a willing interviewee, creative commons attribution licensed media, non-copyrighted material that we have been given permission to use, or copyrighted material that we have purchased a license for. Everything else shall be listed here, and links to these credits and sources shall be found in order of appearance within the applicable content via numerical hyperlinks either within the content or at the footer. As the website is still under construction, the running list of sources and credits are a work in progress, please be patient with us.

With a large site such as Salamat Philippines, with many different forums, with many different members, we understand that we may encounter possible copyright issues.  We also understand that even though we are granted permission to use third-party content, that contrary to what we are advised, the individual we contact may not actually be the original owner of said content. Sometimes internet users will purchase a stock photograph from a particular service, and then proceed to upload it to a photo-sharing website under a Creative Commons license where that same photo would consequently be downloaded by others who do not have a license. Also it is nearly impossible to police every members content at all times. So if you feel as though your own material was used against your will, and you would like us to take it down or give credit on this page, then please contact us and we would be more then happy to take it down without question provided basic proof of ownership. Thank you.

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