How to activate free cellular data in Philippines

Free Cell Phone Data Load in Philippines

Chismis has it that Facebook free mode is no longer available in some areas in the Philippines. What I’ve discovered is that not only is this false, but there is a perfectly good explanation as to why users are experiencing issues with that particular service…network congestion! Basically, because the Facebook app uses far more data then the Facebook mobile site, users trying to make the switch to free mode via the app during peak hours will give up in frustration. What if I told you that there is a way to both force the Facebook app to prioritize connecting to the free service, and at the same time give you access to free data for many of your favorite websites?! If that interests you then please reference the following steps:

1.) In your cellphone’s browser (Example: Google Chrome) please navigate to you will NOT need load to accomplish load philippines
2.) Follow the on-screen instructions.
3.) Verify your phone number with the FREE incoming text message you will receive.
4.) Revisit, or refresh you should see a different page this time.
5.) Navigate to the very bottom of the Free Basics mobile website.
6.) Click the link “Get Free Basics app for free.” It should then start to download.
7.) Open / Run the apk file installer. You may have to manually allow the install in your phones app security settings. See “Allow installations not from the Play Store.”

8.) Open the Free Basics app!
9.) Click on Facebook!
10.) Login.
11.) Minimize the browser window (don’t close it).
12.) Open your normal Facebook app and/or Facebook Messenger.
13.) Wait a minute or two, and it will connect, for free!
14.) While your waiting check out the numerous websites on your Free Basics app that have free data!

What’s cool about this is that you can essentially communicate with anyone in the Philippines for free, with absolutely ZERO load on your phone. The Facebook Messenger app is 100% full featured for free, but the regular Facebook social networking app (your wall etc), is limited in that you cannot view pictures or videos. Note: Although you cannot view pictures on the Facebook app with this service, you can still share them! What becomes tricky however, is sharing pictures for free via Facebook Messenger.

How do I share pictures for free via Facebook Messenger?

How to activate free cellular data in Philippines

You’ll notice that you will be able to receive pictures and documents from friends via Facebook Messenger without issue, but when you try to send a file though the app nothing will happen. I cannot confirm if this problem is also a network issue, or if the feature has been disabled, but either way I’ve got a solution!

  1. Load your file via a 3rd party app such as the Google Photos app.
  2. Click on the sharing icon.
  3. Click on the Facebook Messenger icon.
  4. Select the recipient.

I hope this helps someone!